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10 Essentials Every Gal Should Have In Her Closet 2018

collage by missguided blog

There are so many little things that every gal should have in her closet. Everyone is familiar with little black dress. When a gal is going somewhere (let say special) and has nothing to wear (if you a gal, you understand) she will put that little black dress and still look like a million bucks. A few minutes ago she was in dilemma and tadaaaaa...
Fashion changes through the years and some things go out of the style and some things come back (even tho we were laughing at it a few years ago, am I right?). Some essentials will be wearing through this whole year. Here are some of them that you will definitely need this year.

Sweater weather; Outfit of the day

After I got this sweater I have realized there are so many red sweaters around me! Wherever I go there is a red sweater, red jumper, red boots, so many people wearing red! Found myself scrolling through Instagram, so many girls wearing red! Of course, I mean it's Christmas time. But we all know we will wear them for a longer time. Am I right gals?

Welcome a New Year with your best style

This post will be a little different than last ones. First of all, I haven't posted for a while and the reason for

Grow long, healthy hair fast

Hello gals!

A few years ago I had a problem with growing my hair so I started Google how to make hair healthy and long, I watched so many Youtube videos seeing all those girls having amazing long and healthy hair. I learned a lot about hair care from Google and Youtube so I want to share with you the best tips that will make your hair grow like you want to. 
Let's grow out hair healthier! 

Summer is over; outfit of the day

It is time to say hello to fall. The season is changing; from hot to chilly days. It may get us frustrated when it comes to choosing outfit at those times. We don't want to give up on summer so easily and get in our sweaters immediately.

How to style the LEATHER

The trend that is back in style blew our mind. The leather!
If you are asking me, leather is a trend number one right now. In this post, you can find different outfit ideas combined with the leather so if you need an inspiration you can hopefully find it here.
On the bottom of the photo, I will post where you can shop the item.

Best New York Fashion Week street style

Except on the runways, in a beautiful city of fashion, different cultures and nightlife, New York, we can see inspirative street style outfits. Of course, I'll share with you those outfits that I like the most from the streets of New York this September New York Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid's best street styles

American fashion model, Bella Hadid is one of the best models in the world today. Bella's outfits are just so awesome! A picture says a thousand words, so for the perfect looks start scrolling. 


Welcome to my blog

Hello! My name is Tina, I am 20 years old and I'm coming from Croatia.

How did I come up with an idea of creating a blog?
I have my Tumblr blog since middle school which is a hobby to me since then. Recently I started to work on it. I love doing something that I enjoy too. I think that you can accomplish everything you want if you are enjoying what you're doing. It's been a while since I want my own blog where I can post everything I want to share, that is inspiring me and that makes me happy.